Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a place for people to share their expertise, advice & knowledge with everyone through our link.

How does work?

You can put any link of your preferred medium (telegram/whatsapp/etc) in your page. Your audience will need to pay the price you set before they interact with you.

Who uses

Lynk,id is used by public speakers, experts, coaches, advisors, artists, celebrities, writers, consultants, counselors, developers, entrepreneurs, investors & VC, influencers, doctors, mentors, teachers, and thousands of people to inspire, delight, and engage with their audiences.

When and How will i get paid?

Your earnings will be sent to you monthly (day 25)through your PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Any platform fees?

To keep the platform operational, we have 5% administration fee on your earnings to cover payment processing, hosting, support, and miscellaneous services cost.

Any convenience fee for my audience?

Yes, depending on the payment method of their choice.

How do i tell my audience?

The best way to inform your audience is to add profile link in social media profile bio, so your new and existing audience will know about the services your offer. You can also share your profile link to users who are sending you DM for services, questions, and advice.

How do I know when I receive a new question or request?

As soon as the user complete their payment. You will get an email and the users will get the link you set up.

Can i use this as an alternative to link tree?

Of course, if you feel that you are not ready to sell your services. You can use as your digital name card. You can put any link there. Note: all the linktree pros feature is free here. shhhhhhhhh